Private residence (London)

Client: Private

Year: 2017

For this phase of the build at Clapham Park Terrace, Symmetry Studios were invited to design a gate, staircase, bin store & cladding for the house exterior. The stairs having a rather restricted space to wind down into needed to be wide enough to easily carry bikes up & down. The bin store doubles up as a platform for lifting materials down to the workshop on the lower level, the structure cantilevers away from the path at street level and opens up from the front, back and top to become a platform/gantry from which materials and or goods can be lowered from or hoisted up to. Hanger plates were installed in advance to provide sufficient loading for both the stairs & binstore these were fitted before the path was laid and are neatly concealed beneath the paving slabs. The gate is fitted with a magnetic lock release which can be activated from inside the house.