Symmetry Studios is a technical design and creative fabrication studio founded by Adam Rogers. From our South London studio/workshop we are an efficient compact core at the centre of operations and utilise our established network of associate creatives and manufacturing partners to complete projects of diverse size and nature. With a special focus on manufacture through detailed design, we provide design solutions that enable our clients’ projects to reach their full potential and exceed expectations.


We are driven by creating special things, through looking at ways in which we can enhance and improve upon existing concepts and processes. In every project, there is potential for a renewed understanding of how design and making can be approached and executed. Bringing our clients objectives/desires to fruition is central to our purpose and doing it well is the ultimate satisfaction.


Initial efforts focus on establishing a clear project goal through detailed consultation and development time with our client. If a clear design outline has already been established we work from clients drawings and parametrically model in 3d to produce a comprehensive set of technical drawings ready for approval and production/manufacture.

We use our in house workshop for prototyping & detailed hand made items other work is contracted out to our network of skilled fabricators, engineers and artists. Product finish takes priority over process which means that the manufacturing processes employed will be determined by the needs of each individual project.


We feel that every project is special and different and the best results are achieved by coming in with open minds that are both absorbent of new ideas and that are ready to resolve challenges and build solutions. The design process is an evolution of thought and practice, we work hard to keep the cycle of ideas, development and making flowing within a structure that nurtures individual creative freedom.