Private residence (London)

Client: Private

Year: 2018

This project has focused on light and colour, making use of natural wood and introducing bold colours including the digitally printed tiles (the artwork was generated in the house). The handmade oak parquet flooring has been caulked at the joints using a rubber compound usually found on yacht decks to prevent the ingress of water. End grain birch ply is used as countertop surface and pre-stained melamine faced birch plywood for cabinet carcasses. Heated mirrors, heated towel rails, multiple electric toothbrush points and generous storage space have all been integrated into the design allowing the relatively small space to be sufficient for a family of four to use comfortably. The development of the parquet flooring has become a product in its own right with so many variations of repeating geometric patterns that could be used a little imagination is all that is needed for anyone looking for something truly unique. This project was designed, built and installed by Symmetry Studios, the wall tiles were manufactured by the Surface Design Studio.