Mobile World Congress (Barcelona)

Client: Motorola

Year: 2012

The three totems here were built for the Motorola stand at the Mobile World Congress (a large mobile communications exhibition in Barcelona). The units were built by Frozen Fish Design and have been included here as the technical design was Adams work. The units are interactive displays to illustrate the hardiness of Motorola's 'life proof' handset. The handsets are mounted in the middle of an aluminium drum with a glass viewing window. Each drum performs a different test. One runs water over the handset at the push of a button, the other two have handles on the drums with which the user can rotate the drum like a washing machine, with one drum filled with sand and the other with coins this demonstrates the phones ability to withstand high levels of physical abuse. The cases had a neat locking catch to allow the demonstrators to easily remove the handsets from the drums at the end of each day for security, the release mechanism was activated by a custom made magnetic key.