Client: Renderboxes

Year: 2020-Present

Built entirely from scratch employing a bottom up design process Symmetry Studios have had the fantastic opportunity of working alongside the development team at Renderboxes to produce a range of high power workstations built for the most demanding tasks. Renderboxes are high performance machines tailored for users that demand extreme processing power to execute their projects with speed & reliability. In use across a range of industries including big screen film post production, CGI & visual effects, 3d modeling & animation and digital art, the Renderbox range scales from the entry level Atom, an air cooled system with capacity for 2 top of the line Nvidia (Quadro or RTX) GPU's through to the Molecule, a fully water cooled system with capacity for 8 GPU's (when used alongside the 'Flow' a dedicated cooling chamber that is capable of cooling such a large array of high power GPU's). Symmetry Studios have not only managed the technical design and manufacture of the physical elements of the systems but have also worked hard to shape the design language and ensure that the products delivered at the end of the line are exceeding customers expectations in both function and style. We are fully involved in the technical research & development for the cooling systems which are fully customised for each system and require extensive bench testing and flow analysis.